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Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.
- Jack Brown

Aravind’s research building at Madurai, the otherwise quiet and placid area, was reverberating with the spirit of a market on the second Saturday of October. The special garage sales, a unique CSR initiative of the organization helped raise funds for the flood victims of Jammu and Kashmir. The recent floods that hit Jammu and Kashmir, the northern most state of India was the most devastating one that the entire country has seen in the past sixty years.

Community outreach camps still remain the mainstay of Aravind’s eye care delivery. Right from the beginning Aravind roped in an energetic group of individuals - sponsors who enthusiastically supported the conduct of these eye camps. Over the years, this group has become a strong network of more than 500 individuals committed to serving their communities by supporting the free eye camps. To acknowledge the service rendered by them, Aravind centres at Coimbatore and Madurai organized Sponsors Day in the last week of October.

The eighth annual series of workshops and consultations held in honour of the birth anniversary of Dr. G. Venkataswamy elicited wide participation from eye care providers, NGOs and eye care management professionals. The workshops deliberated real issues relating to effective eye care programmes and services and to find innovative solutions through sharing experiences and mutual consultation. Dr. Gullapalli N Rao, Chair of L.V. Prasad Eye Institute was honoured with the Dr. G. Venkataswamy Endowment Award during the occasion.

News about these and many more feature in this issue.

Awards and Accolades
UKSOS Gold Medal for Dr. Naresh Babu
Mussorie, October 3-5
Dr. Naresh Babu was awarded Gold Medal for Excellence in Ophthalmology by the Uttarakhand State Ophthalmological Society at the Uttara EyeCon 2014 held at Mussorie.
Rotary Recognition for Staff of Aravind – Tirunelveli
Rotary Club of Tirunelveli North presented certificate of appreciation to Mrs. V. Arumugam, Dy. Nursing Superintendent and Ms. S. Ayirathammal, Supervisor – OPD for their selfless service to mankind.
Special Events
Dr. G. Venkataswamy Endowment Award Presented to Dr. Gullapalli N Rao
Aravind – Madurai, October 1
The sixth Dr. G. Venkataswamy Aawrd was presented to Dr. Gullapalli N Rao, Chair of Eye Health, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad at a glittering ceremony held at Aravind – Madurai. Mr. G. Srinivasan presented the award in the presence of senior leaders of Aravind. Dr. R. Krishnadas read the citation. Dr. Rao gave the oration titled, Dr. Venkataswamy’s Vision: Banish Blindness. Special Kuchipudi performance by Ms. Sandhya Raju was also organized as part of the ceremony.

At another ceremony organized on October 3, Ms. Sandhya Raju along with Ms. Shoba Korambil gave an exciting Kuchipudi performance for the entire staff of Aravind – Madurai. The staff had a rejuvenating experience.
Angaadi at Aravind
Madurai, October 11
Angaadi – the great charity fest was organised by Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai for staff and their family members. As the very name suggests (Angaadi translates to "Market"), this was a unique shopping experience - items in sale pooled in by the staff which they wanted to give away for charity. The special mandate was that whatever they give away has to be in such a condition that they will not hesitate to buy it themselves. Employees were also encouraged to bring in new items as well, which are not of use to them, for some reasons or the other. Food courts (with delicacies prepared in-house as well as donated by employees) and entertainment stalls were also arranged to keep the visitors engaged. The highlight of the entire initiative was that the proceeds from the sales of these items would go to the Jammu and Kashmir Flood Relief Fund.
Sponsors' Day
Aravind, October 19 and 22
Every two years Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai organises Sponsors’ Day to recognise the contribution of various sponsors towards conducting different types of eye camps. This year Aravind Hospitals at Coimbatore and Madurai hosted this celebration on October 19 and 22 respectively. Dr. Kavidhasan, Director-HR, Roots India Ltd was the chief guest on both occasions and he delivered a motivational talk on the importance of each individual’s initiative, motivation, and planning to make the outreach programme successful. Senior leadership team of Aravind was present during the celebrations. Close to 250 sponsors attended the programme in each centre.
CME held at Aravind Eye Hospital
International Symposium on Diabetic Retinopathy and Vascular Disorders
Aravind – Pondicherry, October 4-5
The sixth International Symposium on Diabetic Retinopathy and Vascular Disorders was conducted at Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry in collaboration with L.V. Prasad Eye Institute. A total of 150 participants from all over India participated in this symposium. Delegates included retina specialists, general ophthalmologists, academicians, researchers and postgraduates in ophthalmology. All the national and international guest speakers were experts and well known authorities in this field and their scientific deliberations were very useful for the delegates. The international faculty included Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi, University of Milan, Italy, and the national faculty consisted of Dr. Mangat R Dogra, Dr. Atul Kumar, Dr. Mahesh P Shanmugam, Dr. Pramod Bhende, Dr. Hemant Murthy, Dr. Giridhar, and Dr. Dhananjay Shukla. Apart from them, faculty from Aravind and LVP faculty also joined.
News and Events
Vision Day Celebrations
Aravind, October 1
In order to commemorate Dr.V's birth anniversary, special prayer meeting was organized. Special flower arrangement was made in the meditation room. Staff paid homage to their dear founder by observing a moment of silence.
Awareness Exhibition on Bursting Fire Crackers
Aravind – Pondicherry, October 13
At the week - long exhibition, awareness posters and models on how to be precautions while bursting fire crackers were displayed. More than 500 patients and attendees visited the exhibition.
Welfare Activity for Cleaners
Aravind – Pondicherry, October 17
Mr. Kanagaraj, Manager-General Administration met the sanitary staff at Aravind Eye Hospital Pondicherry. He distributed gifts to those who have not availed leave for the past one year.
Hospital Day Celebrations
Aravind - Tirupur, October 18
Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirupur celebrated its fourth Hospital day with a variety of programmes. Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni, Medical Consultant welcomed the gathering and presented the annual report. Chief Guest, Dr. R.D. Ravindran delivered a special address. Dr. Narendran distributed prizes to the winners of various competitions held as part of the anniversary celebrations.
Diwali Celebrations
Aravind, October 21
Deepavali, the festival of diyas was celebrated with great enthusiasm across the Aravind centres. The evening was marked with glittering diyas, dazzling fireworks, dinner and cultural programme. There was a beautiful display of fireworks. Sweets were distributed to share the joy of season.
Fire Safety Awareness Programme
Aravind – Salem, September 27
  Mr. Murugesan, Assistant District Fire Officer, Salem handled the session. Around 130 staff members attended the session. Practical demonstration on the use of fire extinguisher was truly beneficial to the participants.
Implementing HCRP Programme at Theni
Theni, October 29
Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme was inaugurated at Theni Government Medical College Hospital in the last week of October. The function was attended by the Dean, Medical Superintendent, PGs and house surgeons. Eye donation information board was released during the programme. Mr. D. Saravanan, Eye Bank Manager handled sessions on various topics related to eye donation.
Kannae Nalamaa – Eye Care Awareness Exhibition
Aravind Eye Hospital at Tirupur and Tuticorin organized eye care awareness exhibition on October 30 and November 1 respectively. The exhibition at Aravind - Tuticorin was inaugurated by Dr. Arulraj, Past National President, IMA & Past President Common Wealth Medical Association-UK. More than 4,000 people visited the exhibition.
Conferences Attended Elsewhere
Ms. Kumaragurupari at Cochrane Colloquium: Evidence-Informed Public Health
Hyderabad, September 22-26
Ms. Kumaragurupari, librarian attended Cochrane Colloquium, a global forum attended by about 650 people from different parts of the world and different fields. The group included traditional medicine practitioners, clinicians, statisticians, librarians, researchers, medical students, public health officials, nurses, physical and occupational therapists. Colloquium conference covered plenary seasons, workshop, oral sessions and meetings.
LAICO Happenings
October Summit 2014

Workshops on Patient Safety and Patient Satisfaction

LAICO, October 1–3
Patient safety is an emerging healthcare discipline, where many healthcare organizations proactively engage themselves to improve safer healthcare for the public. Health care professionals whose focus is on patient safety are very familiar with the alarming and frequently cited statistics from the developed countries. Advances in technology and knowledge in the medical field create an immensely complex eye care system. This complexity brings risks, and evidence shows that things will and do go wrong in large volume organizations, sometimes harming the patients, in spite of dedicated and professional staff. This workshop, arranged in collaboration with Seva Foundation and Orbis brought together eye hospitals to explore errors in eye hospitals and explore patient safety strategies. The workshop explored the different techniques and models to measure patient satisfaction. It presented leading institutions that have successfully implemented these measures and actively use it for continuous improvement. A total of 63 people participated.
Seva - Global Sight Initiative programme
Aravind – Pondicherry, October 5-6
The aim of Seva - Global Sight Initiative programme is to engage 100 eye hospitals to perform at least one million additional cataract surgeries annually within a sustainable framework by 2020. The meeting held at Pondicherry became a platform to meet and renew friendships and connection with members of the GSI network. This meeting had 44 participants from Seva Partners in USA, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Guatemala, Nepal and Peru. It also helped develop clarity around the GSI goal and identify strategies and actions to achieve it.
Paradigms for Effective Leadership
Aravind – Pondicherry, October 7-8
Leadership and governance play an important role in determining the way an organization operates and the outcomes it produces. Considering this strong influence of leadership in the performance of any organisation, this workshop aimed at exploring the paradigms that enhance the effectiveness of leaders and to discuss the ways to make leadership a conscious effort. The workshop was attended by 58 participants from 7 countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, USA.
Workshop on Clinical Proteomics: Methods and Applications
Aravind – Madurai, October 10-11
The fourth one in the October Summit series, this workshop aimed at introducing young research students to the current state-of-the-art proteomics technologies and its applications, primarily in the area of clinical research. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Mohd. Aslam, Adviser, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. Fifteen participants, all research scholars from different universities and institutes, took part in this workshop. Eleven invited speakers from various premier institutions such as CCMB, IGIB, IISc, IOB as well as from companies offering proteomics services (Sandor Life Sciences, Agilent Technologies) shared their research experience and expertise with the participants. The participants were provided hands-on training in data analysis and interpretation of high-throughput proteomics data. Some of the participants also presented their research work as posters.
Serving the Underserved Regions through District Planning 2.0
LAICO, October 31-November 1
It is estimated that in India over six million cataract surgeries are done annually, resulting in a Cataract Surgical Rate (CSR)of about 5,000. While such a CSR rate is very impressive, especially amongst the developing countries, about half of the states and districts would be performing less than this average, with some of the districts with very low performance. A more serious implication of this is the fact that the people in those districts, for no fault of theirs are denied the eye care that they need. This workshop deliberated on the ground realities and practical challenges faced by underserved districts and develop an appropriate intervention model that could be deployed for enhancing eye care delivery in the states of Assam, Tripura, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Karnataka. The participants included major eye care providers from these states, representatives from Ministry of Health, senior representatives from the National Program for the Control of Blindness (NPCB), Govt. of India and various States as well as heads of INGOs and representatives from V2020. The workshop was sponsored by Centre for Innovation in Public Systems (CIPS), Sightsavers, V2020 India and Seva Foundation, USA.

As part of the workshop, Dr. Jayanti S Ravi, a senior IAS officer and Labour Commissioner, Govt. of Gujarat shared her thoughts on Dr. G. Venkataswamy, the founder of Aravind Eye Hospitals, through a blended genre of music and stories. The programme held at Aravind’s research institute was truly profound and it gave an opportunity to reflect on our Chief in a totally philosophical manner.
Training Programmes

Training Programmes Enrollments for November 2014 at Aravind Eye Care System

Course title
Training Centre
Enrollments for November 2014
Total number trained till
October 2014
Long Term Fellowship Programmes - For Ophthalmologists
Fellowship in Anterior Segment & Intraocular Lens Surgery
Fellowship in Orbit and Oculoplasty
Short Term Courses - For Ophthalmologists
Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma
Lasers in Diabetic Retinopathy
Short Term Training in Vitrectomy
Small Incision Cataract Surgery
Training for Ocularist
Community Outreach Courses - Non - Clinical Courses
Community Outreach and Social Marketing of Eye Care Services
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    - In vitro and comparative study on the extracellular enzyme activity of molds isolated from keratomycosis and soil.
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    Eminent Ophthalmologist’s Journey
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Aurolab News
Navarathri Celebrations
Aurolab, October 4
Celebrations consisted of performances by children of staff members, and traditional dances by the staff. Music teachers from Mahatma School performed bhajans. Navarathri pooja was held at the end of the programme.
Aurolab, October 17
Aurolab arranged game stall as part of Angaadi fest to contribute to the Kashmir Flood Relief Fund. Staff members whole-heartedly contributed to the noble cause by taking part in various games. The winners were appreciated with small gifts.
Excursion for Sanitary Staff and Gardeners
Aurolab, October 21
  The cleaners and gardeners were taken on a tour to Thiruchendur temple and Vanathirupathi.
Monthly Patient Statistics

October - 2014

Paying (New & Review) 44,221 6,828 23,030 30,393 20,774 5,619 4,076 9,209 2,866 147,562
Free (Direct walk-in) 11,751 1,499 5,621 8,774 6,383 14 532 228 895 35,697
Regular Eye Camps 4,297 2,175 4,114 4,962 3,560 - - 658 - 19,766
Diabetic Retinopathy camps - 84 79 802 818 - - - - 1,783
Refraction Camps 146 - 410 610 326 - - - - 1,492
Mobile Refraction Unit - - - - - - - 814 - 814
School Screening camps 416 134 - 2,000 4,852 - - - - 7,402
Primary Health Centre camp - 168 - - - - - - - 168
Paediatric Camps - - - - 254 - - - - 254
Vision Centres 15,199 5,943 8,684 2,709 3,843 - 852 - 1,137 38,367
Community Eye Clinics 4,230 2,083 2,320 - - - - - - 8,633
Total OP Examinations 80,260 18,914 44,258 50,796 40,810 5,633 5,460 10,909 4,898 261,938
Paying 2,319 305 2,071 1,114 905 133 89 399 98 7,433
Free (Direct) 1,841 152 991 1,021 634 51 64 63 83 4,900
Camp 1,096 219 665 1,267 779 - 26 145 23 4,220
Total Surgeries 5,256 676 3,727 3,402 2,318 184 179 607 204 16,553