- Clinical evaluation of Toric intraocular lens made by Aurolab
- Clinical assessment of AuroKpro
- A prospective non?randomized efficacy and safety clinical trial, one year study with a one year extension to evaluate the efficacy and safety of AADI in controlling IOP in refractory glaucoma thereby preventing further damage to optic nerve and visual field loss
- Clinical evaluation of silicone implant for primary or secondary volume rehabilitation of anophthalmic sockets
- An open label, prospective clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy study of Aurostent (Silicone mono canalicular lacrimal stent manufactured by Aurolab) in the treatment of canalicular injuries and anomalies
- A prospective, non-randomized, single arm, open label study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Polymethyl Methacrylate intraocular lens for treating the patients having cataract.
- A prospective, open label, observational study to evaluate the safety and surgical performance of surgical blade (aurosleek) in cataract patients

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