The nation is currently undergoing unlocking process, though the threat of COVID-19 infection still looms large over many states. Relaxation in restrictions brought out during the various phases of unlocking has almost brought normalcy to people’s lives. Public transport has been resumed and this has resulted in a significant surge in the patient numbers at Aravind. Despite the huge patient load, all Aravind centres insist of following the COVID-19 protocols, in the interest of safety of both staff and patients. Training programmes continue to be online and meetings are mostly conducted online. Though camps are suspended, Aravind continues its outreach services through vision centres. The number of Aravind’s eye care facilities hits a century with the opening of a new vision centre at Eral.

News about these and many more feature in this issue.


IIRSI Film Festival Awards

Dr. M.G. Pavan Kumar, Glaucoma Consultant, Aravind-Pondicherry, winner, Best New Producer category

Dr. Prithvi Chandrakanth, Retina Fellow, Aravind-Coimbatore, Winner, Best in New Techniques, New Devices and Innovations category

Dr. V.R. Vivekanandan, Chief, Cataract Services, Aravind-Pondicherry, Runner up, Best in New Techniques, New Devices and Innovations category

Aravind Events

Aravind Opens its 100th Eye Care Facility

Eral, September 14

Aravind’s 100th eye care facility was opened at Eral by Thiru A R K A Karuthapandiya Nadar, Trustee – Sri Arunachala Swamy Temple  in the presence of Dr R.Ramakrishnan, Advisor, and Dr R.Meenakshi, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli. Prominent persons in the community – Mr. Dasaratha Pandian, Head – Merchants Association; Mr Dharmaraj, Assistant Head, Mr Bakkar Ali, Head – Muslim Commerce Association, Mr Alaru Pillai, Businessman, Dr Mortin Thomas, leading medical practitioner, friends and well-wishers were present at the inauguration. On the inaugural day, the centre examined 54 patients.

Observing 35th National Eye Donation Fortnight

August 25 – September 8

Eye banks across the Aravind centres observed National Eye Donation Fortnight with a wide variety of programmes intended to create awareness amongst the public. Most of the programmes were organised virtually given the COVID-19 restrictions. In special cases when the programme had to be conducted in-person, enough care was taken to ensure that social distancing and other safety measures were followed without fail. Eye donation awareness posters were developed and displayed in the prominent areas inside the hospitals. They were also shared through various social media platforms. Endorsements by senior ophthalmologists from government medical college hospitals on eye donation were shared through social media. Several competitions were conducted for the staff on the theme of eye donation and winners were awarded. Eye donation awareness sessions were organised for various target groups including college students. Senior doctors shared their messages on eye donation via radio channels.  Notices and pamphlets on eye donation were distributed to the patients and the public. The occasion was also utilised to thank the unconditional support rendered by various NGOs towards promoting eye donation in the community.

Residents Social Responsibility programme

Aravind – Tirunelveli, August 29

As  part of  Residents Social Responsibility programme, Residents and Senior Medical Officers of Aravind – Tirunelveli distributed  kits containing essential grocery items for the families of the hospital’s sanitary staff, security personnel and lift operators. The beneficiaries were extremely happy and thanked the doctors for their thoughtful gesture.

Inauguration of new OCT

Aravind – Tirunelveli, August 31

Aravind – Tirunelveli procured Heidelberg Spectralis OCT. Dr R Ramakrishnan, Advisor and Dr. Meenakshi, Chief Medical Officer inaugurated the machine.


Aravind-Coimbatore organsied two webinars: The first one was conducted on August 6 and focused on the Role of Management and Managers in Ensuring Safety During COVID-19. The second one was on August 12 and dealt with Hospital Infection control practices in COVID 19 times.

Aravind-Tirunelveli organised a webinar titled, Orthoptics Decoded on August 28-29. 


Eyexcel 2.0: First Learning Session

August 28, 2020

LAICO in association with Seva Foundation organised a webinar titled,  New Ways of Learning: leveraging new technologies. The webinar focused on best practices in Zoom, use of Google Classroom as a learning tool and various apps for learning.


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Patient Monthly Statistics

August – 2020

Paying (New & Review) 19,079 12,420 4,306 10,365 10,435 4,098 4,379 7,741 3,834 3,074 2,316 12,430 5,365 2,368 102,210
Free:Direct walk-in (New & Review) 5,199 2,497 744 3,280 3,489 942 948 9 794 1,521 1,321 20,744
RoP 61 123 135 495 78 7 899
Vision Centres 12,699 7,351 3,879 1,456 6,065 343 32,
Community Centres / City Centres 6,807 1,830 1,338 1,804 11,779
Total OP Examinations 43,845 24,221 10,402 15,596 21,793 5,383 4,379 9,067 3,843 4,452 2,316 14,029 6,693 2,368 168,387
Service Proportion of Cataract Surgeries
Paying 1,148 623 161 531 669 197 202 441 185 201 89 709 224 141 5,521
Free (Direct) 743 383 83 415 453 123 28 169 5 166 140 186 2,894
Total Cataract Surgeries 1,891 1,006 244 946 1,122 320 230 610 190 367 89 849 410 141 8,415

** Owing to COVID-19 restrictions, Aravind has suspended all its outreach eye camps