“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

As a major step to enhance eye care in the state of Uttar Pradesh over the next five years, Aravind Eye Care System has partnered with Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust. The project aims to make Sitapur Eye Hospital (SEH) the major eye care provider of that region, as it was four decades ago. A beginning was made with the launch of UP-SIGHT on November 19 in the presence of senior leaders of both the organisations. This initiative aims to equip the SEH with the necessary systems and infrastructure in place to enable it to perform 50,000 surgeries by the end of 5 years and 100,000 by the year 2030. The project UP-Sight will fulfill the dreams of both the Visionary Leaders Dr. M. P. Mehray, Founder of Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust and Dr. G. Venkataswamy, Founder of Aravind Eye Care System.

Last month saw Aravind centres observing many health awareness days and weeks. Programmes organised to commemorate these special days helped create awareness about various diseases and their  complications on the eye.  Aravind doctors and staff won awards at prestigious conferences and forums; the major one being three of its staff  IAPB recognised as Eye Health Heroes by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

News about these and many more feature in this issue.


Awards at the Annual Conference of Intraocular Implant and Refractive Surgery, India (IIRSI)

Chennai, December 4-5

Dr. Jebinth Brayan, Consultant, Cataract and IOL Services, Aravind-Coimbatore
Film Festival Grand Prize Winner – Best in all categories
Title: Phaco-sit

Dr. M.G. Pavan Kumar, Consultant, Glaucoma Services, Aravind-Pondicherry
Winner – Video Competition
Category: Other specialities
Title: 3D click art exhibition

DNB Residents, Aravind-Pondicherry, Dr. S. Vinitha John and Dr. Apurva Nagtode
Runner up – Video Competition
Category: Best teaching video
Title: Dye another day, dyes in ophthalmology

TNOA Recognition for Peer-reviewed Scientific Publications

Dr. R. Sharmila, Consultant, Glaucoma Services, Aravind-Madurai; Dr. Devendra Maheswari, Consultant, Glaucoma Services, Aravind-Tirunelveli; Dr. Karthik Kumar, Consultant, Retina Services, Aravind-Madurai and Dr. Neelam Pawar, Consultant, Paediatric Ophthalmology Services, Aravind-Tirunelveli received medal and certificate from the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association for their contributions to peer-reviewed scientific publications in the last year.

IAPB Eye Health Heroes 2021

Mr. B. Udayakumar, Faculty, LAICO; Ms. N. Kasthuri, Biomedical Engineer, Aravind-Madurai and Mr. S. Rajesh, Manager – Outreach, Aravind-Chennai were among the Eye Health Heroes selected by the  International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). They were selected in the categories Changemakers; Innovators and Future leaders respectively.

Aravind Events

Observing World Diabetes Day

November 14

Aravind centres organised programmes such as special lectures and exhibitions to create awareness amongst the public on diabetes, its complications and its impact on eye health. Several centres organised free diabetic retinopathy screening camps and family screening camps for staff and employees.

Aravind - Tirunelveli
Aravind - Tirunelveli
Aravind - Madurai
Aravind - Madurai
Aravind - Salem
Aravind - Salem

Observing World Prematurity Day

As part of observing World Prematurity Day, Aravind Eye Hospitals -Theni and Coimbatore organised an awareness week from November 17 to create to make people aware of the importance of  early and prompt screening and treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP). Awareness posters and charts explaining RoP, its stages and treatment were created and displayed in the hospital premises. Awareness talks and exhibitions were arranged.

Aravind - Madurai
Aravind - Madurai
Aravind - Coimbatore
Aravind - Coimbatore
Aravind - Theni
Aravind - Theni

Observing Patient Safety Week

Aravind-Pondicherry, October 20-31

Aravind-Pondicherry is constantly doing incremental work to achieve zero errors in its eye care delivery. As part of observing patient safety fortnight, various events to reinforce the importance of patient safety measures were organised for the staff.

Dr.R.Venkatesh, Chief Medical Officer, Aravind-Pondicherry addressed the patient safety team and gave a motivational talk. Detailed discussions on patient safety practices, incident reporting and root cause analysis were facilitated by Dr. Fredrick Mouttapa, Senior Consultant, Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology. An awareness session on needle stick injury and patient safety practices was arranged for all doctors including residents and fellows.  A similar session was arranged for MLOPs too. Many key areas of possible errors have been identified and reminders in the form of alert stickers have been introduced in the patient examination areas and in the medical records department to minimise the scope for errors.

Toward’s Excellence Workshop

Aravind-Chennai, November 2, 2021

Aravind-Chennai organised this half-day workshop involving the heads, medical consultants and senior fellows of all the departments. The main objective was to discuss plans for organizational/departmental/individual development for the next 5 years.

Dr.Aravind, Chief Medical Officer set the context for the workshop with a brief presentation on the organisation’s roadmap of accomplishments in the past 4 years. Two breakout sessions were held where the participants in groups discussed plans for development and presented their aspirations.

Vitrectomy Workshop

Aravind-Madurai, November 12-13

The workshop was organised for operation theatre MLOPs to make them understand the importance of anterior vitrectomy, its management, features in vitrectomy machines and how to make use of it the best way.  Dr.Vinitha Rashme took sessions and conducted viva with the help of Alcon faculty team.

Phaco Development Workshop

Aravind-Madurai, November 26 -27

Cataract and IOL Services, Aravind-Madurai conducted Phaco development workshop for MS residents. A total of 15 participants took part. Lecture sessions were taken by Dr.Aruna Pai and Dr.Pathakamuri Brahmani. Faculty from Alcon handled the practical sessions.

Knowledge Assessment for MLOPs

Aravind-Madurai, November 26

To evaluate MLOPs knowledge and to give them an opportunity to update themselves, an examination was conducted for all MLOP employees of Aravind-Madurai. MLOPs were divided into two batches and the examinations were held in different venues. A separate question paper was prepared for the Housekeeping MLOPs. A total of 415 MLOPs took the examination and from this, the best 30 performers were selected for the quiz competition. They were divided into 5 teams. The quiz consisted of five rounds and a total of 50 questions which included those related to clinical topics, NABH, Aravind centres, photo quiz and connections. Team consisting of Sr.Devi (Counsellor), Sr.Anusuya devi (OP), Sr.Jegadeeswari (Refraction), Sr.Durga devi (Glaucoma OP), Sr.Tamilselvi (MRD), Sr.Muthukani (Housekeeper) was the winner.  Team consisting of Mr.Gopinath (Opticals), Sr.Pandiammal (OP), Sr.Sumathi (Retina counseling), Sr.Prabha (Refraction), Sr.Gayathri (Ward) and Sr.Shruthi (Housekeeping) was the runner up. Winner and runner up were appreciated with prizes by Dr.Kim.

Importance of Professional Skills for Counsellors

Aravind-Coimbatore, November 14

Around 50 counsellors from Coimbatore, Tirupur, Udumalpet and Salem participated in this session which was handled by Mr.Mathikannan, a professional trainer. He emphasized the importance of listening, communication skills, being empathetic and how this could facilitate a change in the counselling approach and outcome.  Through role plays and games, he made the participants understand the importance of counselling skills. 

Rangoli as a Tool for Teaching

Aravind-Madurai, November 14

As an innovative way of imparting learning, the MLOP Training Division of Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai experimented with a unique rangoli competition wherein MLOPs were asked to draw pictures of the anatomy of the eye. Necessary training was given before the competition. Winners of the competition were awarded.

Hospital Day Celebration

Aravind-Madurai, December 4

Aravind-Madurai had  its 45th annual day celebration as a simple function organised mainly to recognise the efforts of staff and employees who completed five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five and thirty years of service.

Freshers’ Day

Aravind-Pondicherry, November 1

Newly recruited MLOPs celebrated Freshers’ Day with a variety of cultural programmes. Dr. K.Veena, Chief, Paediatric Ophthalmology Clinic; Dr. S. Josephine Christy, Cornea Consultant; A. Sumathi, Manager-HRD; and R.V. Selvarani, Nursing Superintendent took part in the event.

Children’s Day Celebration

November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day all over India.

The Paediatric Ophthalmology clinics at Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Madurai and Chennai celebrated Children’s Day engaging their patients in the most meaningful way. Various competitions were conducted for the children and prizes were distributed. Awareness programmes stressed the importance of proper eye care and the harmful effects of gadgets on eye health. Common eye problems in children were also discussed during the awareness sessions.

Aravind - Madurai
Aravind - Madurai
Aravind - Coimbatore
Aravind - Coimbatore
Aravind - Tirunelveli
Aravind - Tirunelveli

Awareness Session on Dental Care

Aravind-Chennai, September 24

The session was organised for MLOPs in collaboration with Saveetha Dental College. Dr. Shusanthi and Dr. Indhumathi from Saveetha Dental College handled the session. MLOPs interacted with the doctors to clarify their doubts.


Launch of AuroOli

Aurolab, November 11

AuroOli, the quarterly, bilingual newsletter of Aurolab was launched by Dr. G. Natchiar, Director Emeritus, Aravind Eye Care System  at a function held at Nithyatha. Ms. Chitra Thulasiraj, Head, Aravind Communications released the digital version of the newsletter.

ASTRA – 2021

Aurolab, November 10-20

Aurolab regularly organises Astra, a training programme for its new recruits. Astra 2021 was held in the second week of November. Training on Aurolab products, marketing, sales, etc, were discussed during the programme.

Training Programme for Area Development Managers

Banglore, November 23-28

The programme was led by Aurolab consultants, Mr. PN Suresh and Mr. Prakash and its marketing team.  37 area development managers took part.

Personality Development Training

November 9

Aurolab organised the session for its new recruits. Mrs.Mallika, motivational speaker gave an inspiring talk on how to be more responsible in personal and professional lives.


Launch of UP-SIGHT

Uttar Pradesh, November 19

Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust (SEHT),Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh  and Aravind Eye Care System(AECS) have joined hands on an initiative named UP-SIGHT to scale up eye care delivery in the state of Uttar Pradesh, provide better eye care service to the community, and to develop it as a premier ophthalmic training institute in the state.  Raja Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khan Saheb, President, Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust launched the initiative in the presence of Ms. Annu Tandon, Secretary, Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust, Dr. Madhu Bhadauria, Chief Medical Officer, Sitapur Eye Hospital, Senior leaders from Aravind – Dr. R.D Ravindran, Chairman; Mr. Thulasiraj Ravilla, Director-Operations and Dr. S. Aravind, Director-Projects. Representatives from INGOs, ophthalmic equipment and pharma companies; prominent leaders in the community; and local philanthropists graced the occasion with their presence.

The new OPD Block of Sitapur Eye Hospital, constructed in memory of Dr. Prabha Mehra and Dr. M. K.  Mehra was inaugurated by Raja Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khan Saheb, President, Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust.

Workshop for Vision Centre MLOPs and Field Workers

Aravind-Salem, November 21

Aravind-Salem was part of the collaborative learning on Community Referral System that LAICO organised from January 2021 to October 2021. To share the lessons learnt from this collaborative, a half-day workshop was arranged by the hospital for its vision centre teams.


Colombo Retina Meeting 2021

Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 6-7

Dr. Naresh Babu

  • Wide field 3D viewing systems

Drishti 2021 – Annual conference on KSOS

November 26

Dr. T.P. Vignesh

  • Eplerenone in the management of CSCR


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Enrolments for November 2021

Course title
Training Centre
No. of enrolments
Long Term Fellowship Programmes – For Ophthalmologists
Fellowship in Anterior Segment & IOL Surgery Coimbatore 1
Tirunelveli 1
Fellowship in General Ophthalmology Madurai 4
Fellowship in Glaucoma Chennai 1
Tirunelveli 1
Pondicherry 1
Fellowship in Paediatric Ophthalmology Tirunelveli 1
Management Courses
Project Management for eye care LAICO 20
Community Outreach and Social Marketing for Eye Care Services LAICO 7


Patient Statistics – November 2021

Hospital Out-Patient Visits
(New & Review)
178,878 42,522 23,303 7,263 29,400 17,585 5,036 5,947 9,740 805 3,937 3,574 18,865 8,450 2,451
Free:Direct walk-in
(New & Review)
57,525 16,429 5,281 2,055 9,495 5,390 1,435 3,031 805 1,692 5,604 5,828 480
Outreach Out Patient
Comprehensive Eye Camps 19,827 5,282 2,603 798 4,684 2,524 410 769 596 248 1,543 370
Diabetic Retinopathy Camps 2,548 1,011 244 37 858 398
Refraction Camp 902 304 490 108
Mobile Refraction Unit 1,287 1,287
School Screening 1,004 1,004
RoP Screening 1,395 241 322 160 609 37 24 2
Vision Centres 53,032 18,959 11,451 5,194 4,362 8,501 1,207 1,330 1,377 651
Community / City Centres 14,009 7,691 2,203 2,014 2,101
Total OP Examinations 330,407 92,439 45,897 17,521 53,800 34,145 8,088 5,947 15,268 2,206 7,254 3,574 26,687 14,650 2,931
Total number of camps 106 24 17 7 21 10 3
Cataract 20,631 5,191 2,647 787 4,587 1,766 599 370 1,123 280 81 173 1,808 1,037 182
*Other Surgeries 14,926 4,331 1,874 405 3,434 1,644 109 99 552 40 65 72 1,541 702 58
Total Surgeries 35,557 9,522 4,521 1,192 8,021 3,410 708 469 1,675 320 146 245 3,349 1,739 240
*Other surgeries include major surgeries, minor surgeries, intra-vitreal & other injections and laser procedures.