LEAP Vision Centre Collaborative

LAICO, May 26 Online CME series is being conducted under the LEAP Vision Centre Collaborative to improve knowledge of vision technicians and engage them during the pandemic. Participants are from 9 partner hospitals in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Guatemala. On an average, 100 technicians and vision centre staff are being benefitted out of this CME programme. Started on May 26, the series will continue till June 23, 2021 and is spread across seven sessions. The CME focuses on improving general protocols and precautions during pandemic times, understanding cataract, cataract surgery counselling process at vision centres, understanding corneal conditions, improving data management skills, effective use of VCMS etc. The sessions are being facilitated by Dr. Kausalya, Dr.Vinitha Rashme, Dr.Lakshana, Dr. Krishnan, Mr. Mohammed Gowth and Aravind’s vision centre staff.