The one-day CME was inaugurated by Dr M. Ravishankar, Dean, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Pondicherry. Dr Meena Chakrabarti, Dr Pukhraj Rishi, Dr Sudha Ganesh, Dr Ekta rishi,  Dr Minu Mathen,  Dr Sabyasachi Sengupta, , Dr Nivean Madhivanan were the invited  faculty. Dr Naresh Babu, Dr V R Saravanan, Dr R Venketesh, Dr Manavi D Sindal and Dr Prabu from Aravind joined them in various sessions. The CME was centred on posterior segment complications related to cataract surgery and started with pre-operative considerations and intraoperative management of complex cases. At the XNIT workshop, participants got hands on practice under expert guidance. Decisions in difficult situations like aphakia, PC rent were debated, and various modalities for placing an IOL in absence of a capsule were demonstrated through videos. Issue of endophthalmitis was discussed in detail. One of the speakers shared his experience with newer ultramodern vitreo-retinal surgery machine “Ngeunity”. A total of110 doctors including delegates, post-graduate students and fellows from different institutes attended and benefitted from this CME. This CME sent a strong message to the society regarding Aravind’s commitment to promote and follow eco-friendly activities with zero waste. Registration was done online. No material was printed. Programme schedule was emailed and circulated on WhatsApp. All the decorations were reused from previous CME. After the CME, even the Rangoli outside was carefully removed and the colours were reused. We had permanent stalls put up, with handwritten boards. Banana leaves lining the plates and wooden spoons were used during lunch. Tea, coffee and water were served in steel utensils that were washed and cleaned in a boiler.