Hackathon 3.0

June 17, 2021 aravind

Aravind-Pondicherry, 12 June 2021

Hackathon 3.0 was organised to develop the skills of ophthalmic technicians. Until now, this event was organised only for the doctors. After brainstorming with the tutors and senior MLOPs, 16 problem statements were shortlisted to discuss and solve during the Hackathon.

16 teams comprising doctors and MLOPs  (of specific department involved in the skill) were formed to work together to solve the problems. All the teams were briefed about the problem statements and guided to look for possible solutions 5 days before the hackathon, so that they could brainstorm and come with good solutions.

The hackathon  was inaugurated by Dr.Venkatesh. 75 participants comprising doctors and MLOPs worked together in 16 different teams and came up with very innovative solutions for different problems. 6 completed practise models were presented in the evening during the final presentation which was chaired by Dr.R.D.Ravindran, and Dr.Venkatesh.   Everyone was very impressed by the various models and the interest shown by the MLOPs in Hackathon.

Dr. R.D. Ravindran addressed all the participants and made them understand that Hackathon as just a beginning and all of us have great potential to bring great improvement at various levels. Mrs. Dhivya Ramasamy  and Mrs. Dantrita participated via Google meet for the final presentation and was very impressed by the involvement shown by various teams and wanted to organise a Hackathon for all the Aravind centres in the future.