In Memoriam

May 28, 2021 aravind

The strong pillar, the silent and subtle presence that held Aravind in place is no more.

Er. G. Srinivasan, one of the founding members of Aravind Eye Hospitals and the President of Aravind’s governing trust passed away at Madurai on 24 May 2021 at the age of 86, following a brief period of illness.

Mr. Srinivasan was born on July 7, 1934 at Vadamalapuram in Tirunelveli. He holds his B.E from Alagappa University and MS from Kansas State University, USA. Trained as a civil engineer, he worked for a brief period with the Asia Engineering Company. Later he quitted, only to join his brother Dr. G. Venkatswamy, to establish the Aravind Eye Hospital in 1976. He single-handedly managed all aspects of Aravind’s infrastructure and building projects.

‘GS’ as he was fondly called, was the force behind each one of Aravind’ facilities and their growth over the past four and half decades. His strength and dedication created the practical foundation for Aravind’s vision to manifest. His was a life well-lived, touching many souls and lives.

A man with strong principles, GS instilled a culture of frugality into the very DNA of the organisation. But for his prudence and unstinting support, Aravind would not have reached where it is today. It is hard to fathom the depth and extent of his contributions. By embedding fiscal discipline, he ensured the financial well-being of the organisation. Beneath GS’ apparent strict demeanour, was a soul that cared for those in distress and a heart filled with strong humor sense. Hardworking, simple and unassuming he was, his life itself was a message and source of inspiration to many, as evident from the overwhelming condolence notes received within hours of his passing.

An institution in himself, personalities like GS are hard to find. His light lives on in the lives he touched.