The Queen recognising Aravind’s work

November 14, 2019 aravind

Aravind Eye Hospital has been involved in training doctors, nurses and staff from the Commonwealth as part of a five-year programme to establish the Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium with a funding of US $ 13.5 million from the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust (QEDJT). In what can be termed as a clear recognition for Aravind for having taken up almost 40% of the training work, Dr. N. Venkatesh Prajna, Director-Academics was invited to a grand reception by Queen Elizabeth in the Buckingham Palace. A group of 40 people from 32 countries, who had played different important roles in the QEDJT programmes, top ophthalmologists, ambassadors and secretaries from the Commonwealth were in attendance. It was a very gratifying moment for Aravind being so well recognized and respected for all the work it has done so far.