Workshop on Dispensing of Spectacles

May 25, 2023 aravind

Aravind – Coimbatore, April 14 – 15

The workshop was conducted by the Refraction Department of Aravind-Coimbatore. The team organised seven stations which included, Single Vision and their Coatings, Kryptok Bifocal, D-Shaped Bifocal, Executive Bifocal, Progressive Lens, Spectacle Correction for Patients and Paediatric Spectacle Correction. Each station had a senior refractionist accompanied by trainees who provided explanations on the respective topics. The Medical Consultants, Dr. Balasaraswathy, Dr. Srinila, and Dr. Bagavath Shalini judged and appreciated the teamwork and the competitive spirit displayed by the participants. The workshop provided valuable information to enhance the clinical knowledge of trainees, and keeping them updated on spectacles and the various available coatings.