Workshop on Sterilisation and Aseptic Techniques for Ophthalmic Operation Theatre

August 2, 2022 aravind

Aravind-Madurai, May – July 2022

Under the aegis of Tamil Nadu State Blindness Control Society & National Health Mission, Govt of Tamil Nadu, Aravind Eye Hospital – Madurai organised Workshops on Sterilisation and Aseptic Techniques for Ophthalmic Operation Theatre to enhance and standardize the process and systems for sterilization and asepsis techniques across the eye departments of the Tamil Nadu Government hospitals. These consisted of two parts: full-fledged, in-depth and hands-on workshops for the Tamil Nadu Government ophthalmic nurses and OT assistants; and a one day CME for the government ophthalmologists and district administrative officers.  A total of 65 nurses attended the workshops held in four batches during May-July 2022 and 41 Doctors attended the one day CME.

The 7 day workshop was a combination of didactic lectures, observation and hands-on training. All aspects of sterilization and aseptic practices and protocols followed in an ophthalmic operation theatre were covered. Participants were given ample opportunity and time for observation and clarification and in some instances, were given hands-on training as well.