The month of July carries immense significance for Aravind Eye Hospital as it commemorates its Mission Day on 7th July, in remembrance of its founder, the late Dr. Venkataswamy, affectionately called as Dr. V., along with the birth anniversary of G. Srinivasan, one of the founding members. The hospital has dedicated itself to the noble cause of eliminating needless blindness, upholding Dr. V.’s vision. Therefore, the Mission Day revitalises his spirit of unwavering commitment, inspiring the Aravind team to pursue the fulfilment of his noble vision.

Throughout this eventful month, various activities have been organised, including several Continuing Medical Education (CME) programmes, training initiatives, and awareness campaigns, supplementing the hospital’s routine clinical activities. These events have helped strengthen the team’s skills and knowledge while combatting the issue of needless blindness.

A fire accident that occurred at Aurolab recently, revealed the remarkable resilience of its staff members, who worked tirelessly to facilitate a swift comeback after the incident. Now, Aurolab is back in full swing, operating as usual.

This series features the highlights of these remarkable endeavours and many more.

Note: The events that happened between 15th June and 15th July are featured here.