Why train at Aravind ?

Aravind Eye Care System designs and offers training to different cadres of eye care personnel from around the world, in the development and implementation of efficient and sustainable eye care programmes.

Aravind’s training programmes cater to all levels of ophthalmic personnel – these are intended not only for ophthalmologist but also for ophthalmic technicians, opticians, clinical assistants, outreach coordinators and health care managers.  Aravind offers several structured training programmes.

Learning at any of the Aravind Centres gives you an opportunity to learn from experienced faculty, experience cutting edge technology, and receive hands-on training, access global eye care resources, wider exposure through journal clubs, grand rounds as well as interaction with peers from all over the world.

Aravind has been providing high volume, high quality and affordable services in a financially self-sustainable manner.  Much importance is given to ensuring that all patients are accorded the same high quality care and service, regardless of their economic status.  Aravind’s innovative eye care delivery system has been recognized as a model for other developing countries.  Aravind shares these best practices through several management courses and through consultancy and capacity building programmes.

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