Custom Designed Courses

In addition to the structured short term and long term courses described here, Aravind and LAICO also offer learning opportunities to meet with specific needs of individuals and organizations. Such training is offered throughout the year and the actual scheduling is based on mutual convenience. These requests often take the form of observation, some hands-on training and spending time in specific clinical or administrative areas. The duration of such learning, actual dates and costs (if any) vary from one request to another. Some examples of areas where customized training is often requested:

  1. Ward and Outpatient Management
  2. Counseling
  3. Medical Records
  4. Purchase and Inventory Management
  5. Accounting and Financial Management
  6. Housekeeping Maintenance Management
  7. Advice on Specific Capital and Equipment Purchase
  8. Advice on Architectural Design for Expansion
  9. Inputs on Planning a New Hospital Project
  10. Developing Training Activities
  11. Assistance in carrying out surveys