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Cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye.  If the cornea becomes cloudy from disease, injury, infection or poor nutrition, vision is dramatically reduced or lost. Corneal blindness can be treated by replacing the damaged cornea by a healthy human cornea. Human cornea can be procured through eye donation. A pair of eyes can give sight to two corneal blind persons. Contact your nearest eye bank to give light to the needy,

Rotary Aravind International Eye Bank, Madurai

Phone: 0452-435 6100

Aravind – IOB Eye Bank, Coimbatore

Phone: 0422-436 0400

Rotary Aravind Eye Bank, Tirunelveli

Phone: 0462 – 337103

Aravind Eye Bank Association of Pondicherry

Phone: 0413-2619100 – 04 (5 lines)

Aravind Eye Donation Centre, Kumbakonam

Phone: 98428 20007

Aravind Eye Donation Centre, Chennai

Phone: 044-409 56100

Aravind Eye Collection Centre

Dindigul, Phone No: 0451 – 2448100

Theni, Phone No: 04546 – 252658

Salem, Phone No: 0427 – 2356100

Udumalpet, Phone No: 04252 – 260 400

Tirupur, Phone No:  0421 – 2266100, 3200939


In India, it is estimated that there 10 lakh people with corneal blindness. There are about 500 eye banks in the country which collectively perform 25,000 corneal transplants per year. Close to 50,000 eyes are harvested each year, but unfortunately only 45% only of these can be used for corneal transplant surgeries.

Aravind’s first eye bank, the Rotary Aravind International Eye Bank – Madurai was officially set up in the year 1998 and is one of the 7 eye banks in the country affiliated to the International Federation of Eye and Tissue Banks (IFETB), which stipulates stringent standards of quality for corneas used in transplants. Eye bank at Aravind-Coimbatore was started in 1998 after registering with the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI). Later, the eye bank expanded with sophisticated infrastructure and facilities with support of Indian Overseas Bank and was named Aravind-IOB Eye Bank. Rotary Aravind Eye Bank, Tirunelveli was started in 2004. Aravind Eye Bank Association of Pondicherry was started in 2005.

Aravind Eye Banks are registered under the HOTA (Human Organ Transplantation Act. They procure more than 5000 eyes and perform about 2500 corneal transplants annually. Eye balls which cannot be used for transplants are effectively used for various research and development programmes.

Statistics for the year 2021 – 2022

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