Aurolab, the manufacturing division of Aravind Eye Hospital, supplies high quality ophthalmic consumables at affordable prices to developing countries. Though its primary focus is on ophthalmic industry, Aurolab is also diversifying into related health care areas where its existing capabilities can be leveraged, such as cardiovasular sutures, microsurgical hand sutures, antiseptics and disinfectant solutions etc.

The Beginning

In the early 1990s, there was a great deal of debate about the relevance of Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) to developing countries. Though widely accepted as a better procedure, it was argued that developing countries should not go in for it as the IOLs were expensive. Taking on this challenge, in 1992, Aurolab was established as a non profit charitable trust for manufacturing ophthalmic consumables.


Today Aurolab manufactures a wide range of ophthalmic consumables like intraocular lenses, pharmaceutical products like eye drops, surgical adjuncts like sutures and blades and also ophthalmic instruments and specialty products. Aurolab products are exported to 160 countries around the world and acoounts for a total of 9% of global share of intraocular lenses.

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