Workshops at Aravind

Throughout the year, several short courses and workshops are organized, both on the clinical and management side. Such clinical courses are usually of two days duration while the management or non-clinical courses are spread over one week. Information on these courses are sent to institutions and individuals two to three months in advance. These courses are designed as an update on knowledge and skills, to enable professionals keep in touch with latest developments.

October Summit Programmes

LAICO has been hosting an annual series of workshops and consultations called “October Summit” in honour of the birth anniversary of our founder, Dr. G. Venkataswamy. The intention of these deliberations is to bring to the forefront, the real issues relating to eye care and find innovative solutions through mutual consultation. Every year, we have come up with a series of activities that we believe will address issues, which are key to achieving the goals of VISION 2020 but have not received adequate attention. The reasons we perceive is that a lot of these are labelled as “ground realities” and are considered as unchangeable conditions within which we have to operate. Through these workshops we hope to bring about a paradigm shift in our thought process and challenge these conditions towards finding innovative solutions in favour of our eye care programmes.