While carrying out routine clinical activities, Aravind Eye Hospitals also prioritise awareness campaigns, Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions, and other initiatives that further enhance the overall quality of eye care services.

Notably, the 38th Eye Donation Fortnight was observed across all Aravind centres, with a particular focus on creating public awareness and dispelling misconceptions associated with eye donation. Several programmes, including the corneal retrieval campaign, awareness rallies, press meetings, and radio talks, were conducted, receiving widespread support from the public.

The expansion of the very first Aravind Eye Hospital occurred 47 years ago, and celebrating this milestone is a significant occasion for Aravind, serving as a reminder of Dr. V’s vision and mission.

The celebration of Freshers’ day for newly recruited MLOPs is a notable event that fosters a sense of companionship among newcomers and their colleagues. Aravind constantly organises such programmes, which facilitate a healthy working environment.

This series features news on these events and much more.

Note: The events covered in this series took place between 15th August and 16th September.