Aravind prioritises the commemoration of important days to create awareness. In this regard, special days, such as World Diabetes Day, Children’s Day, World Keratoconus Day, etc., were observed through diverse events, creating a positive impact on everyone’s lives.

Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) and workshops on various ophthalmology-related topics were organised across all Aravind locations, fostering continuous learning.

Aravind serves as a hub for knowledge-sharing and value impartation, hosting guests from around the world. Recently, the Jagriti Yatra team of young entrepreneurs was hosted, marking the 16th time Aravind has had the privilege of receiving them, and sharing its best practices with them. This exemplifies Aravind’s service beyond medical care, demonstrating a commitment to holistic well-being and global knowledge exchange.

News about these events, which occurred between 15th October and 15th November, is featured in this edition.