The overarching aim of this collaborative is to facilitate the enrolled hospitals to achieve a post-operative BCVA of 6/12 or better in 90% of the cataract surgery operated eyes on the latest follow-up day ranging from 7 days to 45 days (For PHACO minimum 7 days & for SICS 30 days)

Collaborative Rationale

Aspiring to get desired surgical outcomes is the key focus in any eye hospital. In many eye hospitals, despite constant efforts, there is a persisting challenge on achieving this goal. The journey becomes tough due to lack of clarity in know-how, absence of good systems and protocols, not able to rightly arrive at the root cause and addressing it, appropriate training, maintaining consistency etc. This collaborative will enable hospitals to make them understand their current situation and move towards excellence in surgical outcomes through implementing the right practices

Any eye hospital (private or not-for-profit) who strongly desire to improve the quality of Cataract Surgical outcomes and the willingness to make necessary investments, implementing the identified change ideas.

Need-based customized skill enhancement raining

  • For ophthalmologist in PHACO and SICS surgery
  • Training for refractionist or A-scan measuring staff on biometry
  • Training for OT Staff on necessary areas
  • CSSD staff on sterilization practices
Activities  Month
23-Sep 23-Oct 23-Nov 23-Dec 24-Jan 24-Feb 24-Mar 24-Apr 24-May 24-Jun 24-Jul 24-Aug
Learning sessions  VLS1*   LS2     LS3             
Onsite visit by LAICO team   OV OV                  
Monthly calls   MC 1 MC 2 MC 3 MC 4   MC 5 MC 6 MC 7 MC 8 MC 9 MC 10
Webinar/       W1         W2       
Input sessions
Weekly calls Throughout the collaborative period
*-Virtual learning session

12 months course fee :

  • Hospitals within India: Rs.1 Lakh +18% GST (Rs.118,000)
  • Hospitals outside India: US$ 1,350 + 18% GST (US$ 1,600)

One in – person Learning session @ LAICO(3 members)

  • Travel as per actuals
  • Stay + Food @ Inspiration + Local Travel: Approx.Rs.50,000

LAICO team onsite visit (For hospitals in Indian Subcontinent)

D. Yesunesan, Sr. Faculty
Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology, Kuruvikaran Salai, Gandhi Nagar, Madurai 625 020
+91 452 4356500 Extn : 522


Hospital enrollment:

Aug 2023

Virtual learning session:

Sept 2023

Onsite Visit by LAICO team:

Oct 2023

In-person learning session at LAICO:

November 2023