Workshop on Single-Cell Omics

AMRF, 12-13 October

Aravind Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) organised a two-day workshop to commemorate the 105th birth anniversary of the founder, as a part of Scientific Social Responsibilities under an on-going SERB project (CRG/2020/00528). Dr. Ishwariya Venkatesh, Senior Scientist, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, Dr. K. Manojkumar, Senior Research Associate, CCMB, Hyderabad, Dr. Gopalakrishna Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO, TheraCUES Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, and Prof. K. Dharmalingam, Director-Research, AMRF, delivered the invited talks. Along with them, Dr. C. Gowri Priya, Dr. D. Bharanidharan, Senior Scientist, and Dr. Daipayan Banerjee; as well as research scholars, including R. Iswarya, A. Karthik, G. Hariharan, M. Gayathri, Shreya Dinesh, R. Praveenkumar, T. Gr. Aadhithiya, L. Mathan, and M. Kanmani, served as resource persons for the laboratory modules. The participants were updated on the recent advances in single-cell transcriptomics, spatial transcriptomics, extracellular vesicles, proteomics, and data analysis. A total of 22 faculty members from colleges and universities participated in the workshop.