Needs Assessment Visit to Shree Jagannath Netralaya Hospital

Odisha, 15-19 March

As part of LEAP- NABH Collaborative series R. Suresh Kumar, Senior Faculty, LAICO, and T. Balaji, Manager, Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirupur conducted a follow-up visit to Shree Jagannath Netralaya (SJN), Bhawanipatna. The main objective of this visit was to initiate and complete the online application process for Healthcare Organization Platform for Entry Level Certification (HOPE), a revision of NABH’s current certification process for entry level accreditation. During this visit, the LAICO team conducted a few training sessions for the staff, participated in facility inspection rounds along with the SJN hospital team members, and provided suggestions for implementing certain aspects before the NABH assessment. The hospital plans to submit the NABH application on or before 30th April 2024.

NABH onsite visit to Netaji Eye Hospital

Purulia, 14-17 March

B.S. Ganesh Babu, Senior Faculty, LAICO, and M. Vikky Kumar, Manager, Quality & Inpatient Services, Aravind-Tirunelveli visited the Netaji Eye Hospital, Purulia, West Bengal, as part of the LEAP Collaborative series for fulfilling NABH standards. The purpose of the visit was to assess and provide support for compliance as well as to initiate the application process for NABH accreditation. Following the visit, the team continued to coordinate with the hospital for completing the application process. The hospital submitted the application on 29th March 2024.

M. Vikky Kumar, on the right, engaging with the hospital team during the NABH onsite visit
B.S. Ganesh Babu, and M. Vikky Kumar conducting an inspection of the hospital’s infrastructure