Dr. V. Narendran

Chief Medical Officer
Active Reg.No
Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore

Dr. Narendran is the Chief Medical Officer of Aravind Eye Hospital & Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Coimbatore.  He graduated in medicine from Madras Medical College, DO and DNB from Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai.  He has done observership in India and abroad like Cornell University, New York, Johns Hopkins – Wilmer, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia and Julies Stein Eye Institute, LA. He has numerous contributions at state level, national level and international level conferences. He has successfully organized national & state conferences including AIOC, TNOA, VRSI

He is Member of Task Force of ROP (Govt. of India) & Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Trust, UK. He has appointed as the Local appraiser for several institutions / Hospitals for DNB Programmes.

Dr. Narendran has over 60 publications in national and international, Collaborative research projects and various training programs for postgraduates and medical officers.

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Dr. Narendran has Multi personality skills in the Hospital Administration, and Hospital Consultancy activities. He is the member of various Medical Associations in India.

  • “Sake of Honour” award from Rotary Club of Udumalpet in 2012 ;
  • “Pride of Service” by the Lion Clubs International – Coimbatore in 2013 ;
  •  “ICON of Coimbatore” by Ratinam College in 2015
  • He is Member of Task Force of ROP (Govt. of India) & Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Trust, UK
  • He has been appointed as the Local appraiser for several institutions / Hospitals for DNB Programmes. 
  • Adjunct Prof of Ophthalmology , University of Illinois , Chicago in 2019
  • Regional representative for India for the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2019
  • Dr.D.Sundareswaran Endowment oration award in 30th June 2019 by Indian medical association – Coimbatore
  • Prof.Michael Trese Oration award by Indian Retinopathy of Prematurity Society in 2019 for Retinopathy of Prematurity journey at Aravind Eye Hospital,Coimbatore