The field of eye care is continually evolving, with advancements in technology leading to improved treatment methods, diagnostic techniques, and overall patient care. However, there are still several barriers for achieving universal eye care coverage. While clinical medicine offers solutions for eye conditions, ensuring that it reaches those in need requires a comprehensive approach. We need high quality information to be able to plan appropriate interventions and carry out eye care programmes, to measure and improve performance, and to advocate for the resources and support for care delivery. We would also often need such evidence in our own contextual settings. Even though a lot of this information can be collected, analysed, and used as part of our daily work, many of our questions can only be answered by developing evidence through robust research.

Integrating research into patient care work is very feasible for enhancing the quality and coverage of eye care services through evidence-based approaches. While a considerable volume of research is currently happening in the field of eye care, it predominantly originates in the West, and in India, it revolves around larger institutions. However, every eye care organisation catering to a moderate patient base has the potential to engage in research alongside clinical practices. This two-day consultation on “Enhancing Research in Eye Care” aims to bring together eye care professionals, researchers, educators, and other stakeholders to appreciate the significance of research and explore ways towards integration of research with regular patient care.

  • To recognize how research helps in shaping effective eye care practices.
  • To promote collaboration between research domain and clinical practice for better patient outcomes.
  • To provide practical insights on incorporating research into eye care programmes and patient care.
  • To get practical inputs on building institutional research capabilities

This workshop is targeted for a diverse audience of eye care professionals

  • Ophthalmologists
  • Optometrists
  • Researchers
  • Educators
  • Administrators
  • Policymakers
  • Eye care programme managers

who are interested in enhancing eye care with evidence-based strategies.

Whether you’re an experienced researcher or a practitioner seeking to enhance your understanding of research methodologies, this workshop offers valuable insights and networking opportunities that can benefit every participant. You will have an opportunity to join a community that can collaboratively strive to enhance research in eye care towards better patient care.

Day 1: Understanding the Research-Practice Nexus

The role of research in advancing eye care and translating research to practice (Key note address)

  1. Exploring current research trends in ophthalmology
  2. Identifying gaps in eye care practice needing urgent evidence generation
  3. Successful models of research Integration in eye care
  4. Challenges and necessity for integrating research and practice (Panel discussion)

Day 2: Practical Applications and Implementation

  1. What needs to be in place for conducting research in eye care settings (Human Resource, Infrastructure, Funding, Technology) and the Research Life Cycle (The generic process of conducting and reporting research)
  2. Ethical Considerations in conducting research
  3. Dissemination of research findings to lay populations and influencing policy
  4. Strategies for Incorporating Research in Clinical Settings and building the research ecosystem in the institution (Group work)

Fostering a Culture of Research-Driven Eye Care (Valedictory address)

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