Dr. G. Natchiar

Director-Emeritus, Aravind Eye Care System
Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai
  Dr. G. Natchiar is one of the founding members of, Aravind Eye Care System. She has served the organization in several capacities and is currently the Director Emeritus. One of her greatest contributions as a founding member was the introduction of Aravind’s paramedical program. For over forty years, this program has been empowering young women from rural backgrounds, training and transforming them into world-class eye care professionals. Dr. Natchiar headed the community outreach programme which is the cornerstone of Aravind’s high volume work. She played an instrumental role in initiating and scaling an innovative service delivery model for rural populations through Aravind’s vision centers and outreach activities. She initiated and implemented a rigorous process to audit the quality, service, performance, and academic development in each area of the hospital across the Aravind Eye Care System.  Post-retirement, Dr. Natchiar spends most of her time in farming. Aurofarm, which she completely manages, was recently certified organic by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The farm amidst 80 acres of greenery bears testimony to her untiring passion for farming.