Theme: Keeping your AOP staff updated

Author: Thangamariselvi P, Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli

Yag Laser Peripheral Iridotomy is done for patients diagnosed as Primary angle closure suspect or Primary angle closure or Primary angle closure glaucoma. Allied ophthalmic personal should always be kept updated on the preparation of patients for LASER PI and adhering to the safety goals.

  1. Theoretical Knowledge: AOP staff are taught theory about LASER PI, Why it is done?, For whom it is done? , How it is done? And what to follow after it is done?
  2. Skill to be assessed once in 6 months and follow Rubrics scoring. If there is any gap in knowledge training should be given again.
  3. After training skill should be assessed and the cycle continues.
  4. Periodical class for AOP staff by Doctors and senior AOP staff in Glaucoma clinic.
  5. Quiz competitions can be held for the staff and keep them updated.
  6. Watching doctors performing LASER PI through the side scope so that AOP staff gets real time experience on how the procedure is done?
  7. Departmental CME will be conducted during LEAN period when the patient load is less like festival season.
Author: Dhivyalakshmi, Aravind Eye Hospital, Chennai

Aravind Eye hospital, Chennai handles up to 1700 out patients and 200 surgeries a day. In order to handle high volume, each department should perform optimally to deliver quality eye care. In order to improve and maintain operational efficiency in the medical records department, visual management board is used as an operational tool. Visual management board provides information at-a-glance about current process performance, using both quantitative and qualitative data which helps staff to coordinate and guide their daily work and monitor ongoing process improvement. Across different areas such as registration, billing, admission and discharge counters, OT coding, scanning and case sheet audit the daily performance in terms of quality, delivery, productivity and inventory are shared with the team. Specific problems and action to be taken, with target date and responsible person in different areas is documented on the board and shared. The board also displays general statistics such OP and surgery numbers in paying and free sections each day. For process improvement, MLOP staff is encouraged to give ideas.
The visual management board helps to maintain high productivity and smooth functioning of the medical record department by solving day to day problems. In addition it engages all MLOP staff and enables them to be updated on a daily basis as a team.

Author: Bhuvana Kalyani Choday, Samartha School Of Optometry A Unit Of Shankar Foundation


The main intention of this is to keep AOP staff updated.


We can keep AOP staff updated by regularly engaging them into some activities like conferences ,webinars and giving them exposure to stretch their connections with fraternity. It’s always important to keep them motivated and encouraged. Learning new techniques and keeping an eye on updates in the field can help them to achieve their personal as well as institutional growth.


As the technology in every field is booming up daily. New inventions and interventions are regularly booming up, it’s always important to keep update oneself. How can that happen that can only happen by time management and good connections with fraternity. Many conferences ,webinars ,online and offline sessions are being conducted regularly in the field to update trainees .every institute and implement this and they can help to grow individual as well as institution.


If that gets implemented we can anticipate that majority of the individuals will be updated to new technologies and interventions and they can extend their way of approach and the care of delivering services can be improved in all aspects .In order to fit in this competitive field its always important to keep to win your race you have to step out to fit.