Dr. S. Aravind

Chief Medical Officer
Director – Projects, Aravind Eye Care System
Active Reg.No
Aravind Eye Hospital, Chennai

Dr. Aravind Srinivasan graduated in medicine from PSG Institute of Medical Sciences, Coimbatore, South India in 1992 and completed his residency in ophthalmology leading to Masters in Ophthalmology from Aravind Eye Institute and Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Madurai, South India in 1996.

Having worked in the medical field, he had a passion for management. In 2000, he did his MBA with specialization in strategy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. After MBA, he took over as the Administrator of Aravind Eye Care System and was instrumental in bringing changes to the various facets of the organization. From 2011, he is serving the organization in the role of Director-Projects of Aravind Eye Care System. He is on the Board of Govel Trust that runs the Aravind Eye Hospitals. From September 2017, he is leading the Aravind Eye Hospital Chennai as Chief Medical Officer.

On the clinical front, Dr. Aravind is a high volume cataract surgeon.  On the non-clinical front, he is innovating, executing and working with all stakeholders in the respective branches to ensure harmony in work, mentoring staff to invent and implement innovations in areas of need to ensure better patient centred care.

He is involved in teaching eye health management courses. He is also a resource person for the Indian Institute of Management and Mentor for the MBA students of the Wharton School of Business and University of Michigan. Dr. Aravind’s area of specialization concentrates on the overall evaluation and interpretation of performance of each division and tracking progress so as to facilitate benchmarking both internally and externally to achieve patient-centred care across the system. Besides the administration of the hospitals and grooming managers, Dr. Aravind also evaluates new projects and ensures replication of the “Aravind Way”. He shares the Aravind Model of high volume, high quality, affordable cost eye care to developing nations through the various management courses offered by LAICO.

Dr. Aravind has published several research papers in Peer Reviewed International and State Journals.

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  1. Day-to-day administration of the hospital
  2. Developing and encouraging a culture of innovation
  3. Building relationship with partner organisations
  4. Evaluation of new projects and ensuring the replication of “Aravind Way” through teaching, training and mentoring.
  5. Guiding business school students from the USA and Netherlands through projects at Aravind
  6. Identifying the needs to increase the quality of patient centred care
  7. Building Aravind’s new projects and ensuring growth in service care delivery
  8. Grooming Managers in the system for increasing operational efficiency
  9. Sharing the Aravind Model of high volume, high quality, and affordable cost eye care to developing nations through the management courses offered by LAICO.
  1. Qimpro Award in the category, Role Model Leader for World-Class Quality in the field of health care
  2. Distinguished Alumnus Award for the year 2013 by the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research.