Aravind Eye Hospital, Theni


As the volume of patients in the first hospital at Madurai began to increase beyond capacity, Dr. V and his team decided to expand. Based on the area from where the highest numbers of patients were coming the second hospital was established in Theni in 1985. It has facilities to accommodate 123 free and 40 paying patients. The hospital is an accredited teaching institution.

In the year ending March 2024, Aravind-Theni handled over 284,669 outpatient visits and performed over 17,987 surgeries.

Base Hospital

Aravind Eye Hospital - Theni
7:30 am to 5:00 pm : All days except Sunday
371, Periyakulam Road Theni - 625 531 Tamil Nadu, India
(04546) 252 658

Emergency care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Community Clinics

Aravind Eye Hospital - Cumbum
9.00 am - 5.00 pm : All days except Sunday
Kottai Maithanam, Cumbarayaperumal Kovil Street, Kondithozhvu, Cumbum - 625 516 Tamil Nadu, India
(04554) 270 011

Doctors, Aravind-Theni

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Consultants
Dr. Prem Kumar P.S., DNB
Dr. Balaji V, MS, DNB
Dr. Dhanya K, DO, DNB
Dr. Karthika, T, DO
Dr. Pradeepa B, DO
Dr. Sujatha T, DO, MS

Specialty Clinics, Aravind-Theni

Vision Centres, Aravind-Theni

Vision centres are small, permanent facilities that provide eye care services to remote and rural communities. Manned by ophthalmic technicians, these telemedicine-assisted centres allow patients in rural areas to consult ophthalmologists at the base hospital, thus eliminating the need for patients to travel to hospital (unless more advanced treatment is needed).

Following is the list of vision centers managed by Aravind Eye Hospital at Theni

Training, Aravind-Theni

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